Volta  was formed in 2010 by two senior financial advisors, Jeremy Thomas and Lance Jackman.

Jeremy and Lance both have a track record of providing advice to sophisticated corporate clients over the last 15 years. Their experience spans Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and Africa, and they have worked on a broad range of Debt Project Financings, Acquisitions, Leveraged Buyouts and IPO's. The collective experience of Volta comprises over $35 billion of transactions in the energy and infrastucture sectors.

Jeremy Thomas (FCA, MSc) began his career as a Chartered Accountant, where he was a Director of Ernst & Young Corporate Finance, he is a former executive of Entergy Power Group and served as CFO to a Private Equity backed power station development business.

Lance Jackman (MEng) has worked for Gazprom, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital covering smart metering, gas storage, CCGTs, power retail, and regulated utility businesses, wind power. In these areas, he has project financings, acquisitions, private equity deals, whole business securitisations, restructurings, divestments and bank workouts. 

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